A solution to floating sous vide bags…

Stop floating sous vide bags and reduce food risk

One of the most common questions that sous vide cooks ask themselves is ‘how do I stop my bags floating?’. There is a strong need to make sure your sous vide bags do not float. As floating bags can lead to uneven cooks which can be particularly dangerous for meats like chicken that need to be thoroughly cooked.

A bad solution to stop sous vide bags floating

To solve this, for a long time people would use a range of sous vide ‘hacks’ by placing cutlery or other heavy items in the bags, or alternatively trying to weight down the sous vide bags by precariously placing a weight on top of the bag. This we viewed as a bad solution because:

  • If weights are placed on top of the sous vide bags, they can easily fall off
  • Certain metals if placed within the sous vide bag can impact food taste as metals can leach flavor into foods
  • Using ugly metal objects to hold down sous vide bags is a far from elegant solution

We then started to design the SO-VIDA Sous Vide Weights

From the start we want to design a weight that would go inside of the bag, as we felt that this would be the only way to guarantee the food bags would stay submerged. We quickly decided that to do this we needed a heavy metal (stainless steel) but also needed a food safe shell to make sure there was no impact on taste. We therefore decided to use food grade silicone to encase the stainless steel.

We tried and prototyped many designed including the following weight:

Our first prototype

The problem we found with our early prototype was that it impeded waterflow to the food beneath it more than we would have liked. As a result, we decided we needed a longer and thinner weight to ensure maximum waterflow to the food. An early 3D CAD design of our new (and final) weight can be seen below:

3D CAD image of our Sous Vide Weight

Introducing the SO-VIDA Sous Vide Weight

After several prototypes and many tests, we finally created the SO-VIDA Sous Vide Weights which many people have enjoyed so far. The key elements of the final product were:

  • Each weight weighs 5oz or the equivalent of 60x cents
  • Heavy stainless steel core with a food safe silicone shell meaning it can be used in sous vide bags
  • Easy to clean in the dishwasher

If you want to get hold of the SO-VIDA Sous Vide Weights, then head over here and you can buy them today.